Posted in The Sunday Driver: Life in the Slow Lane

The Other

You were not put on this earth for yourself,
contrary to the voices that urge you to accumulate,
the choices to assimilate,
to ingratiate,
to gravitate to your reflection in store windows.

The self-help industry
(so called Christian publishers included,
for you sheep who’ve been deluded)
is simply another narcissistic ploy,
oh joy,
a top-down triangle Ponzi scheme
(you catch my theme?)
that benefits the ones who thought of it first,
or think they did,
to satiate some incessant thirst,
who simply keep rewrapping the same old lies,
retrapping the same old flies,
until the latest late great planet book comes out.

The “me” generation.
Self congratulations.
Individual rights.
Late bloomers.
Heart tumors.

And you wonder why you are so lonely?

It is a paradox,
(not two boat piers side by side),
but a truth,
that when you open yourself wide,
the clamorings to be
begin to

You are here for one purpose – to serve.

(I hope I struck your ever-loving nerve).

This day
begin to be open to another,
the elderly neighbor is your mother,
the homeless man is your father,
the woman on the street is your sister,
the invalid in the bed is your brother.

Simply put,
and I,
were put on this earth
the other.

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