Posted in Leaves on the Poet Tree (Poems)

The Disconnect

ignorance is power
knowledge is bliss
what to trust now
is so hit or miss

it’s not what you think,
it’s what you do
keep the faith,
but it’s dead to you

until you prove it’s alive
in the way you live,
turning from consuming
into someone who gives

so you’re proud of
always being informed?
that’s a long ways away
from being reborn

no one gives a rat’s ass
what you say to their face
but you’re free to be
another ass in the rat race

as for me and my house,
we’ll go another way
that means dying to this silly stuff every single day

it comes with a cost
but the price is too high
to waste my time on things
that don’t satisfy

so i’m checking out of your group think,
your stupid hive mind,
your walking dead
blind leading the blind

like a moth you’ve become enamored
with the father of light
whose deception’s no less
no matter how bright.

keep spinning the same broken record
on the player in your mind
a lie is still a lie
though it’s played a million times

and feel free to dis this mixtape,
go ahead and push eject,
you’ll find me on the other side of
the disconnect

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