Posted in Leaves on the Poet Tree (Poems)

Ode to the Distressed Working Man

Why is everyone suddenly so pressed
to own a pair of jeans that are distressed?

It’s enough to make a working man depressed
because that’s what my jeans look like without all the mess.

Maybe I could sell my work clothes and become a wealthy man.
God knows I’ve ripped enough jeans in my life span

just doing the honest work of a working man,
but I suspect no one will buy into my profit plan.

It seems folks want clothes that only look like they’ve been worked in
(minus the sweat and pain from an honest day’s laborin.’)

I don’t know. It’s something I’ll probably never understand.
I’m just a depressed, swearing, distressed jean-wearing working man.

(Full disclosure just so everyone knows: I uploaded this post while shopping at Lowe’s)

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