Posted in Musings and Reflections

k(NO)w Justice

You’re surprised?

It doesn’t mean we don’t keep working towards it.
But don’t act like it’s an entitlement.
Yeah, you deserve it.
But so does everyone else.

And be careful what you wish for,
cuz we’re all under the same judgement,
and for the final one there ain’t no parole.
If we choose another way, the Judge will simply say, okay.
Your Honor won’t be happy about it.
(You won’t be too thrilled either.)
But the Judge don’t want no zombies.

It’s a choice.
You’ve been given the complete freedom to royally and utterly screw your life up.
(How has that worked out for you, btw?)

Or you can choose life.
And the way of love.

Look around you.
It don’t take no rocket scientist to figure out that we got a ways to go before that healing stream really gets rolling.

It may not be here yet.
But it’s coming.
And God’s justice has got some teeth to it.

We better hope and pray you and I aren’t what it’s having for lunch.

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