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CAMPFIRE TALES – Salamander Sees

Salamander sees.

The third letter more than one ocean many species, observation.  People split three ways uneven slabs to slivers, sweet, sweat, swarm.  Top down trickle tongue out up to the dribbling sky, thirsty.  The beautiful ones suck the clouds dry clean wash twice, three times a day.  Skin glow brillo golden gold silver green coin rain acid hot burn flesh, out tongue in quickly.  Below earth under swarm the ugly.  Dirty sick thirsty cave temples built worship the beautiful gold moving pictures desire them the beautiful their lacquered loins.  Between upland the media eyes ears note letters report story, death of the clouds.

Salamander once ugly now medium belly sore years below tongue flick taste of sky better.  Below smell dirt sand rock earth sky cave dark bruise friends no see.  Cold work the cloud makers labor cumulus cirrus stratus cirrus cumulus stratus endless not enough more, wash the beautiful.  Below many day born mother laugh cry one more struggle scrape, teeming subways.  Food mud dig wall bug, chew.  Salamander eyes open see black curious lazy cloud makers stay away, scolded child.  Lonely alone no work no dig wall bug crawl search old place forbidden hole empty secret space paper letters light story, learn.  Day gate hole see hurt eyes sky joy tell whip pain mother fear, no.  Lonely return secret no tell, question.  Year found punish cloud maker work labor we all I no whole hole sky go escape, disruption.  Punish tail taken banish upland mother cry friends no see no hear now here upland, medium.

Salamander sees eyeglass lenses clarity, observation.  Blur all same no different now much, question.  Upland many space feel less bump bruise only city concentrations, mass.  City brown round house brick below gate open once twice a year, limit ugly.  City speed rush danger crawl step on.  Salamander learn stand, scurry.  Salamander medium good, fast.  Cloak cover skin no tail below same upland warm cold warm cold change, hard.  Day glimpse beautiful eyes hurt bright return cloud scraper quick beautiful question.  Day follow cloud scraper find bright wall touch fire pain hurt run fear, question.  Year capitol work learn report down deathrate birthrate steady reward three division cut clouddeath edit life under no copy past below chameleon discovered shame, new city.  Roam year work learn report no tail discovered, repeat. End desert grow room, find home.

Hole sleep write watch clouds change, thin.  Sand study sky hill holes rock night smell shadow noise, fear.  Day prints question, god.  Hungry god lonely food out morning bug gone, peace.  Year study feed god.  Day tracks god mountain storm flash burn pain rain wash soothe, beautiful?  Confusion run whimper run lick wounds scars healed head tail stump strange, sleep.  Awake voices fear blind mourn other holes, friends.  Outcasts god long night speak learn, home clouds make new.  Friends eyes, eyeglass no.  Blind.

Salamander sees.

Written June 27, 1997

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