Derision for this Dirigible

While some encourage the incorrigible,
there must be derision for this dirigible
filled with the hot air endemic of systemic pandemic racist rhetoric spouted by anemic geriatric gerbils running on wheels so rusted
as to make their words mistrusted and unintelligible.

The impact is negligible
unless one day dedicated to the venerated King becomes a life educated and celebrated every day in everything.

So sing.
Bring what you have to bring.
Don’t be excusing what you can be using to fight the abusing ones who think they are running things.

Tear off the tarpaulin.
Unzip the bloated zeppelin.
Move into the mausoleums
full of corruption within.
Sin under its shiny skin
must be exposed to the ruah wind.

When flaming hearts converge
resurge with the urge to purge the skies of such a scourge,
bashing, smashing thurgh,
it comes crashing down like the Hindenburg.


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