Posted in Leaves on the Poet Tree (Poems)

This Confusion

this confusion
is a result of collusion
with distraction
slipping with no traction
constant inundation
of useless information
and the latest sensation

do i still have a choice
to seek the still small voice
find some wondrous way in this wicked world
to rejoice?

sore eyes
from reading more lies
the devil in disguise
scratch the surface of scratch and find the same skin
when the truth is within
it’s time for a blackout

peter picked a peck of pixelated pixels
and now peter is becoming pickled
perhaps a heart prickled
prescription sans the
screen’s tickle
will save a soul from
the sickle

(i don’t mean to be fickle)

but me thinks
like the baby’s umbilical
i must cut the parasitical
in order to be birthed back into the biblical

i know it seems illogical
to turn back the chronological
and resist the

it’s miniscule
a minute molecule
but you say i’m stupid
to buck the rule

ok then
i guess i’m a fool

which begs the prescient pregunta too
(or whats) fool
are you?

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