Your pain is not a solitary thing

Please understand, my friend, your pain is not a solitary thing.
Others too face suffering.

The woman on the corner had a daughter die from overdose. Now her other children are not as close.

A block away they found a man on the sidewalk dead from a dozen blows he took to his head.

Who knows what lives in the houses nearby or seeks to hide behind silent cries.
And faraway a little girl sits in ruins and hopes the bombing will end soon.

I will never understand the hows or the whys of this hurting place with its groaning sighs.

But know this, my friend, you are not alone. There is One who became flesh and bone, who KNOWS like no other what suffering is,
who never promised a life of bliss.

Though kingdoms fall and the earth shakes, you He has promised to never leave nor forsake.


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