The best way to combat hate? Acts of kindness

This has been years in the making, and it is not the first time that those with walled up hearts have come to power, hiding behind masks of righteous indignation which are only thin disguises for hate.

This must be the last time. There is too much at stake. We must prepare for a change. 

In the meantime, I propose that each day each of us commit to performing at least one act of kindness. 

Not just to our family or friends.

But to the stranger, alien, and, yes, even the ones we disagree with.

And to the haters as well.

We shall call this the Reign of the Burning Coals.

We shall fill the streets, the chambers of power, the halls of education, the airports, train stations, and piers, with a people filled with fire.

There shall be no more enemies.

You will look out at night and see a million tongues of flame hovering in the air above our heads.

Pentacost will have come again.


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