The Charter For A New Underground Railroad

In these days, when the words of Lady Liberty are ignored, when our leaders have forgotten their own roots, when they have chosen fear over compassion, when they disregard the very essence of the Constitution and the intent of our founders who saw this place as a haven for all peoples and all religions, when these same leaders seek to overturn this melting pot, and generations of precedence, when they reject the alien and stranger in the name of the very God who told us to welcome the same;

Then it is required of those of us who love this nation, who seek to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, yay, even more than we love ourselves, who believe that the term “all men are created equal” means exactly that, ie. everyone, and that these same “all” have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that the rights of the many shall never be denied by a few,

We, who believe that the very soul of our nation is at risk of rotting away, who realize that somehow these truths are no longer self-evident to those in power, must begin now this very moment to construct a new Underground Railroad, a network for those who come to us seeking freedom from the slavery of war, poverty, and oppression, so that they too can experience what our Founders envisioned and what we have so often taken for granted,

Knowing that the immigrant is rarely a terrorist, or a criminal, or a hater of this country’s ideals, and that all of us, from sea to shining sea, whether by choice or conscription, are, or are descended from, immigrants,

Therefore, we must afford others the same rights, the same opportunities as we and our forebears,

We must be the new Abolitionists, the conductors on these silver tracks to freedom.

We must be the North Star for a nation gone astray, shining the light until this land follows the refugee back home, and becomes once again a sweet land of liberty.


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