Join the RE Generation

I’ve always been a little confused about what generation I am a part of. The social labelers say I’m a member of Generation X. Sometimes they call us the Baby Busters or the 13th Generation.

Then this morning I got to thinking about one of my favorite Menno Simons quotes:

“The regenerated do not go to war, nor engage in strife…. They are the children of peace who have beaten their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, and know of no war…. Spears and swords of iron we leave to those who, alas, consider human blood and swine’s blood of well-nigh equal value.” (1550)

I like words. In this instance, the word “regenerated” fascinates me. It is not a word used very often today – unless you’re watching a sci fi movie about regrowing limbs. But regenerate means to reform spiritually, to create anew, or to give new life or energy to. In this context, Menno is using it to refer to those who have been revitalized, renewed – born again – i.e. Christians.

When Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door, he opened the door of the Reformation. Menno and other Anabaptists pushed it open a little further, believing, unlike Luther and other reformers, that they could not justify any violence to protect their faith. Hence the reason for Menno’s statement.

“The regenerated do not go to war . . .”

Rather than Gen X, Y, or Z, Lost, Baby Boom, Silent, or Greatest Generations, I’m choosing to be part of the RE Generation.

Which begs the question:

Are you regenerated?

Originally posted here November 16, 2017


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