I Am Not Interested In Your 24/7 Shooter News

Eventually you’ll get around to the dead and wounded.

For now we are subjected to the endless investigation into “who the shooter was,” under the guise of trying to understand why he did what he did. Story after story after story about nothing.

News flash.

There is no figuring it out.

Then finally there will be a description of the victims, maybe a longer story about their lives, hopes, dreams. Someone traveling back from a wedding or a funeral. A baby thrown in for good measure.

Then its back to the shooter.

You may talk about mental illness. Maybe even the scars of war.

But there will be a decided lack of real depth, angst, soul searching, even tears, in your reporting.

You have to move on. Those in the arena are never satisfied.

You wait in your satellite truck, engine idling, ready to race to the next bloody occurrence.

God forbid your captive watchers get distracted by the new Navy Seal 6 TV series.


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