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The Shunning

My people practiced shunning as much as
they practiced bundling though the barrier
placed between was so much more than a
rolled up hand-made quilt.

When difference was distrusted,
hidden by plain coat and covering,
the voice of dissension was muffled by guilt.

And though the practice fell from grace,
this ghost haunts me like no other.

I shun myself and my beliefs so I and
they are not shunned by another.

(Written: November 23, 2002)

2 thoughts on “The Shunning

    1. I read your essay and found it an excellent and thorough discussion of the topic. It is definitely important that we do not use shunning but rather try to engage those we disagree with. Easier said than done though! Thank you for your comment and link. Your essay was very thought provoking.

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