jlseagull on flickr

jlseagull on flickr

I will go back to the place tomorrow.

My feet will walk where his did that night last week.

I stepped out to get some groceries and knew something was up when I saw the roads blocked, the darkness lit up by the flashing lights of 20 police cars.

I passed the groups of people standing around. A man shouted at another, wondering what happened. He didn’t know, but it was something bad. I went inside the Giant, grabbed a cart, and started shopping.

At the cash register, the manager advised the cashiers on how to be safe when they go home. “Get in your car and lock the doors,” she said.

And “You never know what these people will do.”

She seemed to know what had happened. Something about an attempted robbery and someone being shot.

“He died,” the manager stated knowingly.

She’s right. I find that out later from the newspaper. There’s no mention of a robbery, just somebody banging on store windows who when confronted starts shooting at the police.

Who respond in kind.

So I am confronted yet again with the violence that is very much alive around me.

And those who pound upon the store windows of the world seeking part of the prosperity that is within,once again realizing that it is often only a thin transparent barrier that separates different lives.

So tomorrow I will return to the place, changed by what has occurred.

I need to renew a prescription.

If only the diseases of society were as easily cured.

Originally posted March 15, 2011


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