The Coyote Rooster

Coyote RoosterHe’s young so he’s learning how to crow.

I thought roosters knew how to right from the egg. Maybe so. But this one doesn’t. Dawn and dusk I hear his eery yell wafting across the field from my neighbor’s house.

She was out at the coop one morning this week trying to teach him. “It’s not three syllables,” she said slowly. “It’s five syllables – cock-a-doodle-do.” Over and over again. She didn’t think he got the message.

And then she got to thinking. Why is it so important for the rooster to sound, well, like a rooster? Maybe he’s a nonconformist. He definitely is original. Perhaps he has a good reason for sounding the way he does. What with hawks, snakes, foxes, and all sorts of predators in them there hills, how’s a rooster supposed to protect his brood? It sure makes my hair stand on end.

Cock-a doooooo.

Maybe he’s figured something out and is smarter than we give him credit.


Maybe he doesn’t need any crowing lessons at all.


Maybe, just maybe, the rooster WANTS to sound like a coyote.

November 5,2007


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