Prayer Is The Connecting Thread In The Tapestry Of Us All

Today I learned as I have in many days past of all the things going on around me and I was sad because I was not a part of them. I have always had such a longing to be a part of everything. Today I realized that I am simply because I am part of the fragile frabric that is all of us living together.

Prayer is the connecting thread. If I learn of something happening that I wish I was a part of and am not, I can pray for the participants and the venture’s success. If I learn of a tragedy I can resist the urge to be angry or divisive and pray, which not only may help those affected but changes me within as well so that I can be a more compassionate, connecting person. In this way I state to the universe that I am a gentle keeper, not a destroyer, of this collective tapestry.

I am outside of events only by my decision not to participate through prayer. May I remember that when I am alone and in prayer I am never really alone.

Journal entry May 30, 2003 with additions


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