True Growth

True growth happens down.

A tree with deep roots can then reach up and out.
We do not choose the husk of the seed we are or where we are planted.
We are simply commanded to grow.
We choose what feeds us.
We choose where our roots will flow,
what to hold on to,
what to let go.

We seek the sky,
leave space for wooded kin,
put branches up, out, and
gather them in.

If we grow wisely,
in the end our broken remnant
is the food for other

(March 2002)



  1. Beautiful and enlightening. I love the last line about how “if we grow wisely” than others will be able to feed off of us and grow. It’s so true and I think about that so much when my friend’s parents neglect them or make terrible decisions that don’t show them how to be smart and good people but just how to make terrible decicions that most adversely effect them. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but oh well.


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