My 3 Favorite Prayer Apps

My prayer life leaves much to be desired. Though this contemplative blog and writing serves as prayer for me, there is still a hunger within for deeper contemplation. The following are three apps that I have found helpful in guiding me into a life of deeper communion with God.



This is a simple app that is easily customizable. You can create subjects to pray for and add pertinent verses from the included content. The app helps me pray for a variety of personal, church and mission concerns. It can be set up with a simple notification. Once the app is opened, a simple swipe moves one through the prayer cycle. The subjects are randomized so different subjects appear each time. I especially like the prayer of peaceful blessing at the end of each time of prayer.



This is a high quality multi featured app though I find the constant notifications and offerings somewhat overwhelming. I also did not like the fact that I had to sign up online. I include it here because it is an excellent app and has a variety of subjects, some specifically focused on addictions and various concerns, to address a variety of needs. The app features both audio and readable content. There also seems to a sizable community of support.

PAYG (Pray as you go)


This has quickly become my favorite prayer app. It is from the Jesuits and is based on Ignatian meditation. It features contemplative words mixed with music. Each presentation is based on the liturgical church calendar so the readings are timely. I can download 7 days to a month worth of pieces. The audio format is a nice way to be brought into a spirit of prayer.


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