My Journey, Dream

Eons ago, it seemed,
I began my journey, dream,
Dream of a day when Man was Man,
No more a terror of the Land.

We began, my stallion and I,
One brilliant yellow dawn to fly,
Fly o’er the glistening lakes and plains,
Cool breeze flowing through his mane.

Swiftly we flew on gentle wings,
Shining hooves on rock to sing,
Sing a song of long ago,
The joy of Man’s life to know.

Sing we did, my stallion and I,
The bitter wind made us cry,
Cry for though we searched hill and vale,
No one answered our ceaseless wail.

On and on and on we flew,
My faithful charger always true,
True though was this a hopeless quest?
Still we prayed our labors be blessed.

Through storm, rain, sleet and hail,
With fire within we did prevail,
Prevail and believe like the dawn,
that fiery hope which drove us on.

Though we were forever doomed to soar,
At last we stood on the farthest shore,
Shore of an ocean, an endless sea,
To end our search in futility.

For a moment we stood in the bitter wind,
Our journey at its eternal end
And with no hope left within our breasts,
We plunged crying, dying, into the depths.



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