You Can(‘t) Ring My Bell – Deleting the News


I deleted the Washington Post app from my phone this morning. I mean it’s a good app. Works well. Very informative. That’s the problem.

Unfortunately the 24 hour news cycle is virtually (and literally) impossible to avoid.

But I’ll give it a whirl.

Pavlov has created a lot of salivating dogs and I have decided to remove myself from the pack.

I am tired of having my fears accented and manipulated. I have used the excuse of being informed, but the question is what is the information doing to me?

Do I have a better or far worse view of my fellow humans? How many stories about ugly behavior can I stomach? A lot it seems.

Good news is too boring I guess. Anxiety keeps the presses turning.

So I am going to try and spend the time I spent obsessing over the news in prayer instead. God’s got the whole world in His hands right?

Remembering the stories of compassion that are too mundane too tell.

It will be tough.

There, my mouth is watering again.

I have been trained well.

Go ahead, news anchor, keep ringing that bell.

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