you will be disrupted
your beautifully constructed routine shot all to hell
(or heaven)
you determine which

you see
faith is not measured
by how well you handle that which passes for normalcy
but rather how you overcome the obstacles in your way
cleverly designed by the One who knows best how to shake you from complacency

you can whine and complain question why you of all people must be kept from your important work
or you can realize that this is the labor you were called to all along

the panhandler blocks your path with crooked hand outstretched

you are late for work because a friend calls seeking solace

you have a flat tire and spend the time waiting for the tow truck in prayer

a child is . .  . well . . . a child

the smell of wood smoke reminds you of a loved one who passed away

you do not go around the accident but stop to hold a man’s bleeding face in your hands so the broken glass does not get in his eyes

today at least
you are not blind
somehow you are able to pause
you subjugate your
destination to
the way of the


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