God of the Rough

Lately, especially while driving, I have found my patience rather lacking.


In particular, I have been so focused on my destination, or in reality, a whole series of destinations that need to be reached within time constraints, that my ability to relax within the inevitable obstructions that occur has been woefully lax if not downright nonexistent.

Yesterday I helped someone move only to receive a desperate text last night that my help was needed again today. I needed to return to U-HAUL this morning, rent a van (again), put on my back brace and gloves, and get to work.

Perhaps it was because I was tired. Or maybe I was processing the audio book I was listening to. Regardless I was pretty mellow when the first computer would not process my contract. The woman, who knew me from yesterday, explained the situation to the manager. He told her to use another computer. Same result. The system still thought I had a contract from yesterday.

So the manager starts processing my contract on his computer.

Then I get a phonecall. It is the person I am renting the van for. The manager motions for my credit card. Then the person on the phone tells me that something has come up and I don’t need to help move today. So I tell the U-Haul folks I don’t need a van after all. My final words: I guess there was a reason it wouldn’t go through.

If everything had gone smoothly, I’d have been well on my way when the phonecall informed me that I and the van were not needed.

If I believe that every moment of my day is directed by God, then why do I feel like that is only the case when things supposedly go smoothly? How do I know that the obstructions are not keeping me from harm or from making a bad decision?

I do not. That is why this is called faith.

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