The Cold War Kid Series

I know I am dating myself but I grew up during the Cold War, that notorious era when the threat of immediate and total annihilation of the human species hung over our collective heads like a mushroom cloud. Such a threatened existence had a profound effect on me. While in high school I began to explore this and other issues through several writings which I offer to you, the reader, here as part of what I call the Cold War Kid collection.

We were made a little lower than the angels, but for most of our history we have acted as if we were a little lower than the animals. Someday the human species will evolve into its final stage when we come to the conclusion that we can no longer kill our own kind. Until that time comes we can only hope, pray, teach, love and live differently. Our very existence as a species is at stake.

If we do not evolve we will perish.

August 2010


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