Prayer for the Foster Parent

Gracious and Loving God,
You are the Great Foster Parent,
When we were lost, orphaned, and alone,
You found a way to make us your children.

Thank You.

Each and every day, You “foster” us into being a people
who reflect your Spirit to the world.

Thank You.

Foster in us those qualities that You so richly
pour out on us;

You are loving.
Help us to show unconditional love
to the children You have placed in our care.

You are patient.
Help us to be patient even when we despair
of seeing progress.

You are kind.
Help us to always be full of kindness with a
gentle and firm hand.

Most of all, God,
You are faithful.
You never give up on us,
even when we blow it.
When we are hurting You are always there.
Help us to be like You;
May we never give up on our children.

You showed how much You honor foster parents
by giving your only Son into the care of Mary and Joseph
who helped raise him to be the man You wished him to be.

Thank You.

And thank You for allowing us to be a part of helping
children discover your purpose for their lives.

We ask for your blessing upon the food.
When so many the world over are hungry,
help us to be grateful and generous.

As we celebrate together today,
we look forward to the day when all
of your children will be safe, healthy, and
can truly live in that wonderful place
all of us long for,
that is known simply as “Home.”

In your precious and holy Name,
we pray.


Shared at a Foster Parent Appreciation Luncheon May 2008



  1. I really like this prayer. I have a blog for foster, kinship and adoptive parents. []
    I would like to include this prayer on my blog if you would give me permission. If you would rather, I could post a link to this site instead. Which would you prefer?
    Thank you!


  2. I would love to be a foster parent, but here in ohio job and family services is stupid. My fiance’ and i live together and he is a licensed foster parent but hamilton county will not add me on to his license because my son who is in college and comes home on weekends and summer break to work smokes weed. He will not have anything to do with this child because he is not home when he is here. He is a good kid not violent or thugged out. They tell me he has to move out of my home before they can add me to the license. Yet these kids who need a loving home are still being abused and killed by people that are suppose to care for them. There is no known fact that a person that smokes weed kills children. Only stupid people abuse and kill kids. I wish i could take this to the state. They keep taking kids away because their parents smoke weed and putting these same kids in the hands of a killer.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I understand your frustration, but in all honesty having someone in the house who is doing drugs is not a good situation for any child, especially a foster child. First of all, what your son is doing is illegal. Second, as a substance abuse prevention specialist with almost 10 years of work at a non-profit that works to keep young people away from drugs, I must tell you, marijuana is not cool. It screws up brain development and is a gateway to other drugs. Third, what sort of people is your son hanging out with (ie bringing over to the house)? Are they abusing other drugs, like alcohol? What example does that set for children? So my suggestion is, if you are truly serious about fostering, help your son (and anyone else in the house who may be smoking weed) get clean. Create a safe, drug-free, loving home. (PS. This isn’t about putting children with killers or people doing drugs. Children should be placed in a home where they will be safe. Period).


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