The Opening And Closing Of Doors

The house is not silent
though there is no one home but me.
I roam these rooms wondering what
tomorrow will bring.

I have not yet crossed the threshold
out into the day.
It is cold and raining.
The world is a somber study in gray.

But there are others braver than me
who have ventured outside.
I hear doors open, shut,
trains passing me by.

My destination is more obscure.
I am reluctant to advance.
So I remain inside waiting
my ears straining for the slam.

Soon an answer will resolve into what
I am listening for,
the decision a willing captive to the
opening and closing of doors.

(January 11, 2008)


1 Comment

  1. The answer has come
    a little earlier than I thought.

    The sun has come out
    though my stomach still has caught
    the storm from the morning.

    I feel such a loss,
    still wondering if my choice is right
    and what will be the cost
    for those who hear my decision
    and are affected by my “No.”

    But see the door is open and
    out I must go.


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