In(ter)dependence Day


The time has come, nay the hour has been upon us for many a year, for the U.S. to live up to its potential.

We have been smothered by an overemphasis on the individual, on the nation as an end in itself. We have forgotten that when God looks at the world there are no borders or walls between people.We have much and it is not to be hoarded. This feast, our abundance, is not to be only for self-consumption. The seed must bear fruit and the harvest given away.

Freedom IS free. It simply needs to be shared. Not forced upon the world with force or through the products of corporate greed.

So, my friends, the time has come for this nation to resist those among us who preach fear; fear of the future, fear of violence, fear of what may come, fear of neighbors near and far away. It is this fear that blinds us, that keeps us in chains, that makes us crawl inside that which we hold dear and not question what we are told, that binds us from reaching out to those around us.

When history reads the book of us, what will it see as our gift, our biggest export, to the world? Weapons? Coca-Cola? Windows OS?

Or will we be known as the nation that shares its abundance with all with no strings attached or thoughts of the bottom line? A people blessing the world?

For if so, then we will be a country that has come to the realization that the greatest export any nation can ever produce and provide is simply this;

It is compassion.

Mene Tekal

July 4, 2007


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