Brexit: Another Win for the Terrorists and the Purveyors of World Violence


You don’t like the organization, it’s all about your nation,
so you vote for emancipation
instead of staying in relation
with people different than you.

(It happens in church congregations so why not in the EU?)

Another vote for racial segregation, anti-immigration, extrication over conflict transformation when diversity is the foundation of a strong nation.

Build another wall of separation. Deny asylum to the seekers of salvation. Let the refugees drown in the sea of damnation.

I mean cohesion and security are what matter the most.
Builders of razor-wire, border walls, and pompous boasts.
Another gated community of ghosts.

I cannot share with you your toast, or join in a celebration.

You isolationists
have given the war mongers and terrorists
what they’ve always missed – the catalyst for a great fabrication;
That the world is best served by fragmentation, fear, and trepidation, that we are safer behind fortifications, along with the assassination
of the idea that we all are one, red is the color of the blood that flows from everyone under this sun.

Collaboration, cohabitation, and coordination in a conglomeration of conciliation – Shouldn’t these be our destination? An end to the way of the gun?

Yet you decide to turn and run.

Imagine my consternation.

But enough of my articulation.
Suffice it to say I do not share your elation. This was not the purpose of our creation.

My friends, you are part of another abomi-nation.


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