Smiling Into The Darkness

Sleepwalk in Southern Pines

I have always been afraid of the dark. Still am. But several years ago, I decided to step out into the unknown.

I still remember the looks on the faces of the children at the camp where I worked during the summer when I told them that I would be walking home by myself through the woods in the dark without a light. Along with a few scratches on my face from wait-a-minute vines, stubbed toes, and a bruised shin here and there from wandering off the path and into trees, I learned to know the woods on an intimate level.

The other night I was lying in my bed, thinking happy thoughts. I smiled into the darkness. No one saw it, not even me. But it was no less radiant. The fact that it could not be seen did not mean that I was not smiling.

So when I am walking in darkness, I fear no evil. I do not need a light. I see what little lights will be revealed.

Or if there are none, I let my smile light my way.

KMLS 10/24/03



  1. Congratulations on looking your fears in the face and overcoming them. You’ve earned the right to smile in the darkness.

    I enjoy the writing in your blog. I loved the term “wait-a-minute vines.” Beautifully done vignette. Thanks!


  2. The struggle to face my fears is ongoing. Thank you for your encouragement.

    Scratchings is a series of reflective writings that I wrote and continue to write that detail the relationship between the inner and outer worlds. Periodically I will post an older Scratching (this one was from 2003) to the blog.

    Keep smiling into the darkness.


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