We Live On This Earth As If There Are Still A Million Buffalo


This phrase came to me while I was watching Dances With Wolves, specifically during the scene where the tribe discovers hundreds of buffalo carcasses rotting upon the plains, left there by the wanton slaughter of the white hunters. The tribe does not understand a people who would do such a thing, who leave such death and waste in their midst. You and I know what happened to the buffalo.

We live now with the same attitude. There seems to be a disconnect between what resides in the mind and the reality of the interconnectedness of all of us to everyone and everything. The Red List.

My purpose here is not to cause depression or a guilt trip. Neither lead to transformation. Rather it is simply to state the obvious:

There are not a million buffalo.

There are not a million buffalo.

There are not a million buffalo.

Perhaps if this becomes the koan of you and I, a daily mantra spoken within, then it will begin to permeate the depths of our being in such a way that the inner reality and the outer reality will become one.

And we will begin to LIVE the obvious.

Mene Tekal

September 18, 2007


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