Sometimes the Truth is like a Punch in the Face – RIP #MuhammadAli


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
I got some things to say about Muhammad Ali.

There ain’t nobody gonna take his place
Because sometimes the truth is like a punch in the face.

He was a fighter who wouldn’t fight in a war.
He wanted to know what we were fighting for.

He wasn’t afraid to take a stand
Even if it meant destroying his brand.

As a boxer, he was one of a kind,
But he did his best fighting with his heart and his mind.

You see life is like a boxing ring.
The jabs of adversity can send you reeling.

The -isms of this world are mighty foes.
They won’t go down under a couple of blows.

You have to keep swinging with all of your might
And keep trying to make things right.

There is so much that needs to be rearranged
But you can be an ambassador of change.

Live your life like Muhammad Ali
And maybe someday we’ll all be free.


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