Ad Nauseum – Servant and the Ad Man

In the beginning, before Christian music degenerated into fluffy worship and praise, songs actually addressed various social issues and the Christian’s relationship to society.


Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I was fortunate to hear and be influenced by the music coming out of the Jesus Movement, music that lifted up nonconformity and presented Jesus as the greatest nonconformist of them all.

(I laugh at the so-called rebellious mainstream music of today which is really all about conformity).


Petra’s “Not of this World” album (1983) states quite clearly where our ultimate allegiance should lie and is a warning of the dangers of cozying up too closely to the world. Looking around today, I wonder if people can tell Christians and unbelievers apart.

“We are strangers. We are aliens. We are not of this world.”


Servant released a song in 1981 called Ad Man. As a young Christian teenager, this song had a powerful effect on me. I still find myself singing the lyrics 35 years later!

“The ad man is the prophet of the century,
making all his profit off of you and me.”

Take a listen. Smile at the wordplay. But also ask yourself if you really need that latest gadget.

The purpose of advertising is to create needs where they may or may not exist, to open a hole inside of us that can only be filled by what is being advertised.

You and I are more than just consumers, and no product will provide us with ultimate satisfaction.

Jesus is also not a product to be sold from the pulpit like some preachers do on Sundays.

But He is the only source of true satisfaction, the only One who can fill up that void within.

Thank you, Servant, for the reminder.



  1. Maybe ccm artists are conformist due to a lack of artistry. Artists naturally look for a POV outside common views of the world. Advertisers look to encapsulate and manipulate common views. Get true artists and you will restore the Church’s witness in the realm of music.


    1. Well thought out point. I am impressed with many of the current ccm artists, but I do wonder what has become of the prophetic witness that seemed more prevalent early on.

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