Monday Monday Song 45 – Spies by HBG

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In the summer of 1995, Peter Sabath and Josh Welter often visited my home studio in West Virginia to hang out, jam, and perhaps record some music. In the process, a rather strange musical creation named Harry B Gone (HBG) was born.

Josh and Pete RR 96 (2)During the course of our collaboration, we gave a few concerts locally and also recorded several songs in my studio. These songs have never before been released, but they did lay the groundwork for Belly Hymns, a CD collaboration which was released in late 1997 (some of these songs (remastered) can be heard on SoundCloud under The Belly Hymns Project).

In my continuing attempts to digitize my substantial archive of music, I am in the process of remastering and releasing some of these recordings. While HBG’s studio recordings were more “normal” songs, much of what we did, especially live, was spontaneous, improvisational, and experimental – ie. making stuff up on the spot.  Peter would play a lick he had been working on, Joshua would join in on bass, and then I would start singing. Needless to say, we didn’t really know where we would end up, but it sure was fun.

“Spies” is one of these improv songs, recorded live at an HBG concert (and no, I didn’t, and never have, gotten high – honest truth). I made the lyrics up on the spot (bet you can’t tell) because I thought the lick sounded, um, well, “spyish.” Enjoy!


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