Becoming Less – A Different Sort Of Equation


He of the locust-stained teeth and goatskin wardrobe offers me a mathematical warning in this age of social media obsession.

Am I becoming less?

The pull to be recognized, noticed, to go”viral,” can be overwhelming at times.

To be known.

But I am already, actually,
known “better than I know myself.”

Glory, the earthly kind, coupled with the push to fill up my life with stuff and activities, will leave me very little space or time to be about the business of this One who knows me. Such gain subtracts me from the good work per se.

“I must decrease that He may increase,” the forerunner said long ago.

What a radical, countercultural statement in the midst of this self-centered, materialistic age!

Don’t look at me . . .

Addition, multiplication even, by subtraction.

But I am not removed from the equation. That would be too easy. Rather . . .

x – I = (C)^x

x minus I (me) equals Christ to the x power.

A rather different sort of mathematics, don’t you think?

Can you imagine what would happen if suddenly so many clamoring for attention would shift the equation to this Christ, the One the prophet was speaking of?

John the Baptist lost his head for his beliefs.

Are we willing to do the same or have we already lost ours to the miscalculations of the narcissistic quest for relevance?

(More on this upsidedown algebra can be found in the gospel of John)


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