Camel Selfie, Anyone? #flawless

A Rolling Stones concert?

Actually, a tiny town in Ohio happens to have, among all things, an exotic animal auction. We were visiting earlier this month and my daughter and I decided to check out the animals.


Yeah, it’s kind of hard getting a picture with a camel that is trying to slurp up your anatomy.
Mick Jagger would be jealous of these lips. (I still have the slobber marks on my coat).

It definitely was a friendly creature.


Here is the two humped variety expresssing its rather loud opinion of the proceedings:

There were of course the more silent types:


and the not so silent types:
peacock feathersincluding sounds from a building filled with all variety of birds:

Fortunately, I made it out of the place without having to bid on something (though it was hard not to leave with a ferret).

(Special thanks to my daughter for letting me use a couple of her pix).



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