Unearthing A 2000 Year Old Carpenter


Sometimes I wonder how relevant to today is the life of a 2000 year old carpenter.

Many who claim the name do so as an excuse it seems to rebuild dividing walls between people which were supposedly torn down by the life, death, and second life of this Messianic Jew.

Rather than our chief exports being humility and compassion, we have sown the seeds of war and inequality for profit or security, all in the name of our God. And then we wonder why others blow themselves up in the name of theirs.

I look at my own life and the lives of those around me and I wonder what has become of the overcoming power that I experienced so long ago.

This morning I awake from a dream of hope, a church open in the afternoon on a work day, where I stumble over songs of worship but leave running in joy out to tell someone.

And so today in the midst of my doubts and dismay at the state of the world, I choose to remain on this journey with the hope that you, dear reader, see the person behind my poetic prayers.

It is Jesus, still relevant, even more so today, with arms wide open, with a love big enough for all of us to step into.


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