Drifting Too Far From The Shore


The old man sprawled in a chair on his front porch, a transistor radio pressed to his ear, does not notice my exit from the house next door, so enraptured is he in the music wafting through the air.

He is the same man I heard shouting a few days before, his cursing so loud I could clearly hear the angry words through the open window where I sat in sad discomfort, privy to a private domestic argument.

Today, as I walk away, I am almost to the car before I realize that I recognize the song. It is an old bluegrass gospel tune.

  “Drifting too far from the shore
   Drifting too far from the shore
   Come to Jesus today, let him show you the way
   Drifting too far from the shore”

On the way home, I find myself singing this gentle reminder to not let the inevitable storms of life drive me away from God or God’s children.

Like a troubled old man carefully listening for an answer on his transistor radio.


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