Tough Sell


That’s the term the devil uses to describe the sheriff in Needful Things by Stephen King.

He is the one person in the whole town who can’t be corrupted. While others see a piece of junk as the treasure they most covet in the devil’s shop, somehow the sheriff is able to see the truth. As a result, he gives the devil one of his few defeats, casting him out of the town.

But the old man opens his store in another place, with a different name, yet still selling the same worthless wares.

I want to be a tough sell. It behooves all of us to not, in the words of The Who, “be fooled again.”

What is of true value cannot be bought or sold. Be wary of the smooth-tongued salesman who promises you what is really emptiness.

Accept nothing at face value. Hold onto your soul.

Whatever you do, stay away from the old man with crooked teeth who beckons from the shadows of a dingy shop door.

He is not what he appears.

Be a tough sell.


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