Verfing – How the Screen Kills Awareness

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It is not necessarily a new phenomenon, but perhaps a different sort of resolution for this coming year is in order.

To spend less time “verfing.”

It’s a made-up word, of my own design. A combination of “vegging” and “surfing.”

I define it as sitting around being fed by the screen. Imbibing streaming music, video, and other web offerings. Playing games. Reading an eBook or the news. Engaging with social media.

Now any of the above is not necessarily wrong per se. But with the limited hours allotted to us each day and in our lives for that matter, the question becomes what else could I be doing with my time.

These screens have a tendency to permeate every single aspect of my life which in a word isn’t healthy. Do I really need to be checking my smartphone every second of every single day?

One way perhaps to limit verfing is to keep the screen out of certain places. Off the top of my head, the following are where I have decided to limit if not outright ban the screen. The bathroom. Church. The dinner table. And in any moment where I am more present to the screen than my loved ones. You may have other suggestions.

More than discipline, a sense of awareness is required, which is the antithesis of the screen’s subtle yet powerful impact, that of distraction and inattention.

I have already noticed a difference though it will take awhile I am sure for me to fully awake from the sluggishness caused by years of verfing.


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