Peace on Earth – Rumors of Peace in the News

When one reads the news, it seems that the world is only filled with violence and conflict. But though it rarely makes the front page, peace is breaking through in large and small ways. Here are the rumors of peace for this week:


Refugees’ life jackets are transformed into message of peace on Greek island


Knoxville marchers walk for peace, call for halt to recent shootings


Pope Francis Urges Overcoming ‘Indifference’ to Attain Peace


Regional Peace Plan May Hold Hope for Israel


The Opposite Of War Isn’t Peace, It’s Creation


Talks on Afghan Peace Process Set for Jan. 11 in Pakistan


2016 to Be Year of Peace, South Sudan Rebel Leader Says



      1. Yes. I am worried too. One of the reasons I started Rumors of Peace was to give me a sense of hope in the midst of the bad news. It forces me to look deeper to find the stories of Peace in the midst of the chaos.

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      2. I hear you. I also remember worrying about WWlll when I was a boy. So it seems to be a constant based on the particular global concern. Hence the need for us to make sure we seek out the good news happening.

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