Ban All American Christians from the Rest of the World


I am very concerned about the radicalization of American Christians and until our world leaders figure out how to keep them from waging Crusades (ie Holy Wars) around the globe, then they should be banned from foreign travel.


I mean they are in possession of over 300 million firearms which they have no problem using on each other. Allah forbid they bring them along when they visit. They could hurt someone!


They continue to build weapons at an alarming rate, to the tune of almost 600 billion dollars, which is more than the next 8 countries (including China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, and the UK) combined. All of this expenditure I guess is to support the next just war though it seems more like a way for them to get rich. Not to mention a waste of resources. We definitely don’t want such a frivolous and violent people around us.


They love weapons so much, they want the rest of the world to have them too, so they have become the biggest seller of arms in the world, exporting twice as many as Russia, and five times more than China. I don’t know about you, but that seems to be pretty high risk behavior to me. Especially when a lot of these weapons are sold to governments that oppress their citizenry and deny them basic human rights. So many wars to wage, and so little time. Talk about needing to vet these people. They are dangerous!


And this religion they use to justify all of this. How can we trust a group of people who don’t even follow the teachings of their Founder who blessed the peacemakers, forgave his killers, and commanded his followers to love their enemies?




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