355* Prayers – Faith Without Works Is Dead

Still Life OH by KMLSI pray too.

Daily. For the victims. For the responders. For the shooters. For peace. For an end to violence. For our broken society. For all of us.

wpid-crime-scene-by-kmls.jpg.jpegBut I also work. Daily. For peace. I write. Every day. This blog is filled with my attempts to point to another way. I create. I dream up alternatives. I vote. I support those on the front lines of peace and advocacy. I try to live gently.

I too believe in the power of prayer. But I am also open to the call. That I may be the answer to a prayer. Part of prayer is an openness to act.

wpid-working-man-hands-by-kmls.jpg.jpegSo act.

You in positions of power, use your power and the responsibility bestowed upon you to make the changes needed to help heal our land. This is not about personal security. It is about communal safety. You have an obligation to protect ALL of your constituency.

crime scene by kmlsTHIS is NOT what the Founders envisioned. Citizens using assault weapons on each other. Haphazard controls. Minimalistic background checks. Loopholes as big as the exit wound from an explosive round.

Faith without works is dead, like more bloody victims lying in the street. It makes the motto on our coinage a farce.

It should read, “In Guns We Trust.”

wpid-twisted-gun-by-kmls.jpg.jpeg(*355 is the number of mass shootings in the US this year).



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