Life As the Stations of the Cross


Perhaps it is the various high school chapels I have visited recently and the different, yet compelling, renditions of the Stations of the Cross that have graced these sacred spaces, but they have left me reflecting on the Way of Sorrows.

On several Good Fridays throughout my life, I have found the moving between these points of Jesus’ journey to and death upon the Cross quite meaningful.

Traditionally, there are 14 Stations, the final one being when Jesus is laid in the tomb. Often, a 15th station is added to signify the Resurrection.

So then tonight these questions come to me:
What would my life be like if I walked each day as if along the Via Dolorosa? How would my response to others change if I was fully present to the Suffering Christ?

Living with such questions offers in and of itself an intriguing answer.

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