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Midweek Essays – The Precocious Peacemaker

precocious peacemaker by kmls

While waiting to pick up my daughter from school, I was struck again by the unabashed activity of children and the words such actions can speak to my spirit.

One girl found the only puddle from yesterday’s rainstorm left in the entire parking lot and proceeded without hesitation to splash joyfully in it.

Another girl who I know has experienced more adversity in her young life than most do in a lifetime comes over to me, a stranger, and offers me her hand. Then she proceeds to take off her coat and give that to me too.

In the work of peace it is easy to lose sight of the tiny places of joy and reflection that lie in the midst of the vast expanse of hard reality. They are always there. It is up to me to develop eyes to see them.

In the world of limited resources and daunting tasks, it is easy too to operate out of scarcity rather than generosity. When was the last time I literally offered the coat off of my back to someone? Whatever my limitations I always have more I can give. And that applies to others as well. Generosity is not simply about giving. It applies to receiving as well which if I am honest is often harder to do.

Today, so soon after the storms of the day before have passed, the children invite me, if I am willing to listen, into a remarkable journey,

that of the precocious peacemaker.

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