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Going Past Midway: Don’t Tread (Play Sing Dance) On Me

In the past I have commented on the continuing militarization of our society as exemplified by the merging of entertainment and the military.

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Watching The Carrier Classic

Does anyone else have a problem with this picture? (Camo shorts? C’mon!)

It sure would’ve been nice for at least one player to come out and express some of the concerns I expressed in the post. Alas it seems these types of events are becoming all too common.

Now American Idol has joined the “aircraft carrier as stage” saga that seems to be sweeping our nation. This month, contestants got to sing patriotic songs on the USS Midway in San Diego. Considering the shallowness of the judges and that it is the equally shallow FOX network that sponsors the show, I shouldn’t be surprised.

I have no problem with patriotism. A true patriot wants what is best for the country. War is never a good idea. Spending God-awful amounts  on “defense” (now that is a misnomer) while our citizens suffer is ridiculous.

In the midst of so-called military budget cuts,the president has explicitly stated that the fleet of 11 active aircraft carriers in the US Navy will not be reduced. No other weapon (other than perhaps the secretive drones) conveys the power and military might of the US more than these floating cities. Perhaps we should decommission some of them and make them permanent entertainment theaters to help pay down the deficit.

Seriously, war, and the symbols thererof, are not entertainment. These type of publicity stunts cheapen the real cost of war on veterans, their families, and on those who are killed or maimed, whatever country they are citizens of.

Maybe the famous motto should be be changed to”Don’t Tread (Play Sing Dance) On Me.” I wonder what that early political cartoonist Benjamin Franklin would think.

But now that I think about it perhaps it makes some perverse sense.

The US war machine has long been the most worshiped of our American Idols.

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